Lean Cuisine: Cheddar Potatoes and Broccoli Review

I purchased this for $1.99 on sale in the US.

It took 3:30 in the microwave, then I opened it and stirred and then back it went for another 2:30 and then let it sit.

First thing I noticed was that this dish is packed to the brim and weighs a ton (sometimes it’s nice to thing “quantity over quality”)! The broccoli is the best broccoli I have ever come across in a frozen dinner. It is the complete opposite of what is on the packaging - they have removed at least 70% of the stems (which I hate) and the broccoli was a very nice dark green and not soggy. The potatoes were good - they cooked right through, had nice skins on the outsides and were so big I had to cut them in 1/2s of 1/3s. The cheese sauce is unnecessary. I scrapped most of it off (hey, less points for me!) but I enjoyed the bit of sauce that was left over. It also took me a long time to eat it because I ate very slowly and enjoyed each piece!

According to http://www.leancuisine.com/Products/Details.aspx?ProductID=10899 and my iPhone calculator, it is only 5 points! The protein, I am guessing, comes from the cheese sauce, but it would be a nice comfort dinner if you added a few ounces of skinless boneless chicken breast meat with it!

4.5/5 stars because there was too much cheese sauce.

I will keep this stocked in my freezer!